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4 HOURS of camels for 2 people

The Best Camel Tour in Los Cabos

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Experience the best camel tour of los cabos

Set out on a journey of magnificent proportions as you ride through the Baja California desert atop a friendly camel. Discover the natural wonders and the rich culture of Baja California with our expert guides in the new ranch "Tierra Sagrada".

Get to know your camel by name before you get on it and go exploring! A 20-minute camel safari through the desert in Los Cabos is a truly unique way to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Baja California Sur ... and add to that a guided nature walk, a delicious Mexican buffet and a tasting of tequila, you will have one of the best days of your vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

Our Camel Safari includes a visit to EcoFarm, a series of interactive experiences around sustainability and ecology.

The best way to explore Los Cabos

If you are looking for a different way to enjoy the majestic scenery of Cabo San Lucas and the Baja California Sur region, riding a camel is the perfect option for you. We offer the best camel rides in Cabo, ideal for children and adults.

Staffed and supervised by knowledgeable local tour guides, our camel rides are safe and enjoyable. Even if you have never met these magnificent and docile animals before, you will soon feel at home riding a camel with us.

Ride along the Cabo desert and along the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the views, the refreshing breeze, and the sound of the ocean waves on this unique eco-tour. Make a short stop to meet our sweetest camel and pose for an amazing photo. When it comes to camel riding in Cabo, there is no better excursion than ours.

It's more than a camel ride

The camel ride may be the central focus of our excursion, but it is not the only experience we offer. Would you like to taste tequila and mezcal in Cabo? We take care of it! Finish your day with a delicious Mexican food, refreshing drinks and a tequila and mezcal tasting in our Typical House overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Plus, enjoy a hike through the tropical landscape of Baja California Sur and take part in an authentic tortilla making lesson led by local experts. Riding a camel has never been so rewarding! Below you will find a list of everything that is included in our adventure.

What's included

Traditional Mexican food buffet in the beautiful and exclusive Rancho Tierra Sagrada
Flavored beer and waters
Guided nature hike
One hour visit to EcoFarm
Tasting of tequila, mezcal and damiana liqueur
Round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van from most hotels in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.
Clase de elaboración de tortillas

What to bring

Fresh clothes
Biodegradable sunscreen
Light sweater (in winter)
Tennis or comfortable shoes
Biodegradable repellent
Money for the entrance to the Sacred Land, photographs and souvenirs

What do you need

Minimum age: 5 years
Maximum weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
For security, cell phones, cameras and GoPro are restricted during the tour
For your safety and that of the baby, this activity is restricted to pregnant women, people with back or neck problems.
The entrance to Tierra Sagrada has a cost of 20 USD per adult and 10 USD per child. On the day of your adventure, you will have to pay the entrance fee, as it is not included in your ticket.
Round transportation is included from selected hotels exclusively for our guests who book their tours at least 24 hours in advance.
Implementamos  para garantizar la seguridad de todos nuestros huéspedes.


4 hours
Free Cancellations
The best price, guaranteed
Min 5 years
Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews

Where is the tour?

Located in one of the largest and most impressive deserts in Mexico Rancho “Tierra Sagrada” is located 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas away from the big tourist complexes and close to charming little towns like Cerritos and Todos Santos.

What clothes do I need to wear for the tour?

Comfortable walking shoes, preferably tennis or boots, shorts or shorts, comfortable shirt and hat.

Is it a family tour?

Yes, it is an ideal tour for the whole family and children over 5 years of age can attend.

Are there food options for vegetarians?

Yes there are options on the menu such as beans, rice and salad.

Will I do other activities besides the camel ride?

Yes, you will take a guided walk where you will get to know the flora and fauna of the Baja region. You will also tour desert areas aboard a Unimog off-road vehicle, you will taste traditional Mexican food, you will learn how to make tortillas and you will taste mezcal and damiana tequila, a liquor made from a plant that grows in the Baja California Sur desert.

Can I bring my camera?

Can I bring my camera? For safety reasons our guests must hold onto the saddle handlebar with both hands at all times during the camel ride; for this reason it is not allowed to have a camera or phone in your hands. Creating a fun and unforgettable safe experience is our ultimate goal. As part of the adventure we encourage our guests to put technology aside and enjoy the tour by having our photography experts capture the best moments for you.

4 HOURS of camels

Don't miss this incredible camel ride experience

We have guides and experts to provide you with the safe paths of our camel riding tours

20 minutes meeting dolphins

Encounter with dolphins, the best experience

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The best of the best

In Cabo we have two dolphinariums, located in: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Our facilities offer educational and interactive experiences, guided by authentic professionals, passionate about sharing their knowledge in a fun way.

Live with us and live one of the most desired experiences for children and adults with our program "Encounter with dolphins".

Fulfill your dream and that of your loved ones with this endearing experience in which you can swim and interact for 20 minutes with a bottlenose dolphin in a fun and safe environment.

Unique experience in Los Cabos

This program, which is also ideal for the whole family, will make your love and fascination for bottlenose dolphins grow, as it is ideal to introduce you to the world of these incredible and agile marine mammals. In addition to living with them very closely, you can feed them, dance with them and even kiss them.

Make your reservation in advance and secure your spot, as space is limited and spots tend to fill up quickly.

It's more than just a meeting

To live this 20-minute adventure, it is not necessary to be an experienced swimmer, as this experience takes place in shallow water safety, and under the supervision of our expert trainers who will always be on the lookout for you and our dolphins have unforgettable moments.

The dolphin swim encounter is available at our two dolphinariums in Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo. Come swim and hang out with these fascinating creatures and join the great number of admirers of bottlenose dolphins.

What's included

Wetsuit (in winter)

What to bring

Light sweater (in winter)
Money for souvenirs and photographs

What do you need

Add round transportation in an air-conditioned van from most hotels in Cabo San Luca and San José del Cabo for only $ 5 per person.
Minimum age: 1 year old
Children 1-3 years old are free with a paying adult (over 16 years old)
Children 1-9 years old can participate if accompanied by a paying adult to participate
Children 10 years and older pay the adult rate
Cameras are only allowed in the viewing area
For the safety of our dolphins, we do not allow the use of jewelry or sunscreen
Life jackets will be provided and must be used forcibly
For your safety and that of the baby, access is not allowed to pregnant women
We implement COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of all our guests


20 minutes
Free Cancellations
The best price, guaranteed
Min 1 year
Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews

Is it necessary to book in advance?

YES! Spaces are limited and fill up fast. To ensure the date / time of your activity we recommend booking in advance.

Can I bring a camera or camcorder?

Cameras are only allowed in viewing areas. Our professional photographers will have photos that you can acquire at the end of your experience.

Can I use sunscreen (SPF)?

We recommend using sunscreen but it must be biodegradable to protect our animals. If you use another type of sunscreen, you should rinse it off before entering. You can get biodegradable sunscreen in our gift shop.

Are interactive programs safe?

Yes, our programs have an excellent safety record. Health and safety studies for these programs have been constantly reviewed over the past 20 years and have always reaffirmed their excellent record.

Can I make an animal sick if I participate in a swim program?

Since the beginning of interactive programs with marine mammals in 1985 there has been no history of disease transmission between humans and our animals.

Can a person with special abilities participate in the dolphin programs?

We do our best to make this experience available to anyone, although it is not always possible. Before booking, speak to one of our representatives for more information.

How do you take care of your animals?

In our dolphinariums we have a permanent health care and prevention program for the family of animals that includes daily veterinary examinations and review of their diet. We continually provide a clean and stimulating environment for them to live and develop socially and thus make their community feel safe and stable.

20 minutes meeting dolphins

Do not miss this incredible meeting

Our staff is prepared to provide you with total security at every step

4 hours meeting whales

Awesome whale watching

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The most spectacular view

When it comes to whale watching, Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate destination in the world. This is because the waters around Los Cabo are the breeding and migration areas of humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean.

Our experts are proud to offer this unique photographic adventure of whale watching in Los Cabos, in which they will bring you as close as possible to these magnificent creatures so that you can photograph them and treasure this fascinating moment in your memory. Witness the impressive enormity and grace of the humpback whales, between 12 and 16 meters (40-50 feet) in length. We will bring you closer to its natural environment aboard our inflatable boats. Live the thrill of watching them shoot out of the depths of the ocean, launch into the air and return to the sea in the middle of a colossal splash!

The best experience at sea

Whales travel about 3,000 miles during their gestation period that lasts 10 to 12 months. The impressive spectacle that they offer us on the waves of the sea, is not another thing that a form of communication between them; and below the surface, they produce a wide range of fascinating sounds and songs. Humpback whales can reach sizes over 50 feet long and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. They are perhaps the most famous whale species for their impressive jumps in the sea, and you can enjoy this wonderful spectacle of nature very close to Los Cabos.

Unique fun in Los Cabos

If you are looking for the best option to see whales in Cabo San Lucas, our Photographic Safari with Whales in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect option for you. Led by the most qualified whale experts in the region, our tour will take you to some of the best places to admire humpback whales in their natural habitat. Listen to the song of these wonderful marine mammals through our modern hydrophones while our whale specialist explains everything about them. From your boat, you will be able to observe how the whales jump in the water, and photograph this moment to make it unforgettable. When it comes to whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, this is the best tour available.

What's included


What to bring

Biodegradable sunscreen
Light sweater
Money for optional purchases

What do you need

Minimum age of 5 years
For your safety and that of the baby, access is not allowed to pregnant women
Maximum weight: 265 lbs (120 kgs)
To ensure maximum visibility, this tour is done in inflatable boats and without additional facilities on board
Add round transportation in an air-conditioned van from most hotels in Cabo San Luca and San José del Cabo for only $ 5 per person.
We implement COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of all our guests


2 hours
Free Cancellations
The best price, guaranteed
Min 5 years
Google: 4.5 - 17,870 reviews

When is whale watching season in Los Cabos?

Although the whales enter the sea in early November, the official date for the whale watching season in Los Cabos always begins in the first weeks of December. This is if the boats on some tours do not scare off the whales as they enter the Sea of Cortez. Whale watching in Cabo officially closes in March.

Can you guarantee sightings?

We cannot guarantee them but between January and February there is a high probability of seeing whales. Whales can be seen on 9 out of 10 tours during those months.

What species of whales can we see?

Humpback whales are the most common species that can be seen in the Sea of Cortez. It is also an impressive sight to see how they breathe and bump their tail against the sea. Killer whales can also be seen during winter and Bryde's and minke's whales to a lesser extent.

4 hours meeting whales

Come to this great adventure

Our staff is prepared to provide you with total security at every step


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